You just went into a candle shop that you have been eyeing for days, but didn’t want to spend crazy money on something that would be gone in just 4 hours. You spend your time smelling each candle and then carefully select two. The cashier rings you up and before handing you the bag, she drops a pen inside. You go home and the first thing you do is test out the pen. It has a bold design of flickering flames printed on it in vibrant colours. You are really impressed with the quality of the pen and keep it in your purse. Now, every time you want an exotic scented candle, you’ll visit the same shop.

This is what we call a great brand strategy that allows businesses to advertise their brand name indirectly. Every time you will take out the pen, people will ask you from where you bought it. This is a free publicity stunt that every business needs to reach the heart of its target market. If you are planning to start your own business, these customised and logoed pens are a brilliant way to get your name out there in the market. Following are three benefits of investing in these pens:

1.     Cost Effective

As a new business owner, your funds are limited. Creating a massive promotional campaign can be quite expensive. The reason why promotional pens are considered an in-expensive business promoting strategy is because they are sold in bulk. You can get around 500 pens in $200, which is much cheaper than posting an ad in the newspaper that will last only a day or a week.

2.     Usability – More Exposure

Everyone uses a pen. It’s a small item that has the possibility of being marketed heavily. If you are thinking about making use of t-shirts, magnets or bottle openers for your marketing campaign, think again. People usually don’t wear the same t-shirt twice. It gets thrown into the back of the wardrobe and you seldom get to see it again. As for the other two items, they are strictly confined to the kitchen, so no chance of any exposure there. A pen will last longer and goes places. It catches the eye of every person you take it out in front of. Plus, it has a longer recall time and allows people to talk about your brand every time the pen comes out.

3.     Free Walking Advertisement

Creating brand recognition and recall is extremely important for a new business. Mail can be deleted, an ad can be forgotten and if it annoys the viewer too much, they’ll switch the channel. Similarly, radio ads usually are usually ignored by the people since they are more focused on driving.

Promotional pens can be customised with you company’s name, address, telephone number and your website’s address. While the user might not need your services now, your brand name will immediately pop up in their mind if they require it in future.

So, there you go with three reasons why you should invest in promotional pens to promote your brand. It’s a free advertising option that no business person said ‘no’ to ever, which makes it the best and the least expensive marketing strategy.