Divorce seems to be everywhere in the world. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) alone, there are divorce lawyers Dubai who aid people to make their divorce process easier. The process of divorce takes time in the UAE.

This kind of thing only happens when there is really no way that a marriage can be worked out. Divorce in the UAE is under the laws of the country, Sharia law, or the couple’s laws in their home countries. When a couple files for a divorce, it can be decided then or they can request which one should apply to them if they fall into a certain category.

It is advisable that when a couple decides to end their marriage that they seek the help of one of the family lawyers Dubai who can advise them on what they need to do.

Divorce in Simple Terms

As everybody knows, divorce is the act of terminating a marriage contract between two parties who are do not deem it possible or do not want to work out their partnership anymore. Under the laws of the country where it is done, marriage is dissolved as requested by both parties or one of them.

There can be a number of different procedures depending on what country the parties are located in. However, the standard procedure is listed below as a guide for those who are planning to file their divorce in the UAE.

Standard Procedures on Filing a Divorce in the UAE

The first requirement for anyone to file a divorce is that both parties are residents in the UAE. In order to prove this, they need to bring with them the original and copies of their passports, Emirates ID, residence visas, and marriage certificate.

In filing a divorce, the parties will go through a reconciliation process. As the first step, the person can file the divorce either directly to the spouse or through a lawyer. It’s in the Dubai Courts that the divorce will be registered, specifically at the Moral and Family Guidance department. Here, both parties will then go through a reconciliation meeting that will be held at the Family Guidance and Reformation Centre wherein a counsellor will try to reconcile them (hence, the name of the procedure), to make them talk things through. However, if this approach doesn’t work and both parties still demand to be divorced, this will be forwarded to the Dubai Courts.

From here thereon, there are different steps that couples should take based on what their religion or belief is. It’s different for Muslims, Hindu, and Christians.

Dealing with Divorce

With regard to handling this process, it is better to be done with a lawyer at your side to guide you through the step-by-step process. This might be emotionally overwhelming, but with someone there to do things for you, it might just be easier.

This is why there are family lawyers Dubai in the UAE so that couples who are having a hard time to work things out can be lent with a helping hand. There are still a lot to learn about divorce, especially the couples themselves. You can see more regarding divorce lawyers Dubai here.