One of the things some employees dread most is facing their employer for the annual review.  Sometimes it seems so meaningless you wonder why they even schedule a meeting to tell you what you already know – sales have been flat, so here’s your 2% increase.  Have a nice year.  Do you ever wonder what it would take to break out of the “atta boy” doldrums?  Many have, and many more have found the answer in a company called O’Reilly where they have jumped on the fast track to advancing their career without spending thousands of dollars in tuition or wasting time on meaningless videos courses.   There’s even an O’Reilly coupon on Groupon Coupons you can use to save money on the cost of the courses.  By the time your next review rolls around, you’ll be ready to move up – or move out, confident you now have the skills to advance in the new technology that employers are really looking for.  By this time next year, the only 2% you’ll accept will be the milk in your coffee.

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