It started as a business phone with a messaging service and a physical keyboard and its latest Q10 model is just that and more. Anyone looking for a good handset for business use wants some simple things – email, tools such as Word, Excel and the ability to open PDF files, a decent mobile browser, a reliable network and today, good 4G connectivity. This is the market to which Blackberry has always designed its products. A Blackberry uses less power than other smart phones but its messaging capabilities have been its main selling point.


The first Blackberry models did not look sleek but they were secure and functional and robust. Drop any other smart phone on the ground and it probably will burst open. A Blackberry remains in one piece. The physical keyboard may look an anachronism in today’s touch screen times but the feeling of pressing a key rather than just touching it evokes a much more confident feeling in the user.


Many smart phone producers have encroached on Blackberry’s business territory. They are shiny and beautiful products with an ever growing number of apps, larger screens and super sharp cameras. But aside from being fragile and insecure, they are like a magnet to thieves. Some smart phones do have the ability for data to be erased remotely if the device is lost or stolen but Blackberry still has a much better email system. And there is still the ability for texting and multimedia applications from Blackberry devices.

Not fashionable

Blackberry users do not queue around the block at 5am to grab that year’s latest model, as in the case of many smart phones. Perhaps some Blackberries have become antiques in their own operational lifetimes but they work. This is not a product that has been designed for built in obsolescence. Business users want to change or upgrade devices at their own convenience, not that of the manufacturer. So if you are setting out to buy the latest Q10 but your old model works, get money from Music Magpie for your Blackberry phone that has served you over at least four years.

Different market

The smart phone customer base is essentially made up of personal and fun users. Even the smart phones that pose as business tools have to appeal first and foremost to the fashion and trends of the moment. They must look beautiful and their cost, much higher than Blackberry, is a secondary issue. Fashion buyers will always find the money to pay for the next upgrade or model. The manufacturers, meanwhile, have to promise at every stage that the new model is a massive revolution in the application of technology and a life changer for the user. These smart phones may be excellent for watching film clips and tweeting into the cloud but they are not always going to be a dependable platform for business.

Sticking to business

Fashion status and entertainment is not the reason that people bought into Blackberry. This phone has never been designed to look just young and modish, even though it does look good. Blackberry’s future remains as a best business phone.