No employee should be made to work in an unsafe environment. There is a responsibility placed on you as an employer to make sure your business complies with all the basic health and safety regulations. Here are five important ways you can keep your workplace safe:


Often, there is a range of equipment you’ll need to keep your working area safe. What you require will depend on what type of business you are, but there are some things that every business should have. First aid kits play a vital part in keeping your employees safe. They should be placed in easily accessible locations and should be regularly checked, so they remain fully stocked.

Most business are going to require some form of storage solution in their stock rooms. A&B Industrial Services offera variety of industrial shelving options that are suitable for storing documents, stock, small parts and heavy duty items.

In regards to storing stock, shelves and draws should be filled from the bottom to prevent them from toppling over. They should be placed in low-traffic areas and employees should have access to ladders, so they can reach any items that are stored in a high place easily.


Having the right equipment is no good if your employees don’t know how to safely use it. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility – not just yours. Employees should be adequately trained on any new piece of equipment and ‘refresher’ training should be carried out periodically.

Conduct regular inspections to ensure that the proper practices are being carried out and standards aren’t starting to slip. If bad habits aredeveloping, employees should be held accountable for their actions and disciplined if necessary.

Carry out a risk assessment

It is a legal requirement that your business carries out a risk assessment. The purpose of this process is to identify any potential hazards and determine who could be at risk. This will give you a clear idea on what areas of your business need the most attention. A risk assessment must be recorded if your company employs over five people. For more information on risk assessments, has an informative frequently asked questions page.

Keep records

It’s essential that you keep records of any accident that occurs in the workplace. If there is an accident, you should keep a record of what happened, when it happened and who it happened to. You should also record how you helped the employee at the time and get them to countersign the document. This can help protect you from future lawsuits.

Keeping records also allows you to identify repeat accidents and close calls. You can then put new operational procedures in place to help reduce their occurrence.

Act responsibly

A common sense approach can often be the best approach. Keep your working environment clean and make sure any spillages cleaned straight away. Make sure your employees don’t engage in any form of horseplay and take the proper measures to protect themselves. The Forum of Private Business provides a health and safety package that offers step-by-step guidance if you need further advice.