Employers are always on the hunt for the best incentives that will have their staff working harder and happier than ever. Free donuts, coffee, and keeping your micromanaging whims at bay are a few ways to ensure their happiness, but if you want to really keep your employees satisfied in their office space, then you should consider the following 5 tips below:

1. Make Comfort a Priority

Employers of the past have mistaken comfort for laziness, but truth be told, the more comfortable that your staff is in their space, the harder they’ll work.  Comfort isn’t all about having overstuffed chairs for them to lounge in on their breaks (though that’s not a bad idea).  It’s about providing an office environment that’s aesthetically pleasing, clean, and that allows for easy communication between staff members.  When considering comfort, think about:


  • The layout of your office
  • How much space is devoted to “break” space (i.e. kitchen areas, seating areas for staff, etc.)
  • The amenities provided (i.e. refrigerator, office coffee machine, microwave, etc.)


2. Provide Sufficient Air Conditioning

Employers who are misguidedly looking to shave some money off of their overhead often choose to provide little to no commercial air conditioning, but this actually works to their detriment.  Not only does proper air flow keep staff more alert and functioning at high capacity, but it also helps keep illness at bay by having a regular flow of fresh air come through the office. Some sources state that air conditioning can be too much of a good thing so it does depend on who’s controlling the temperature.

3. Foster a Sense of Community

There are a number of benefits that come with viewing your staff as a “community” than just simply some employees in a workspace. Community-based work spaces are more productive, produce higher quality work and ideas, and get things done faster than those that are more competitive or individual-focused. Communal workforces also tend to have a lower rate of turn over which saves both time and money.

4. Support Advancement in the Company

The managers who are best at their jobs are those that support their staff moving up in the company – even if it may mean their staff taking over their job in the future.  Staff will stick around and work their hardest for you if they know that training and job advancement opportunities are available to them.  By making education and experience a priority, you’ll then be able to retain your seasoned employees, who ultimately will be able to make the workplace a better and more efficient place in the future. For more details on work place advancement check out this piece on Business Case Studies.

5. Become Active in the Community

Being an active force in the community comes with a number of benefits.  For one, you get your company’s name out there locally so you’re helping expand your reach and are increasing brand awareness.  Secondly, by participating in community events and helping others, you’re allowing your employees to be proud of who they work for.  You want your employees to be ambassadors of your brand, something which is often lost today.  But by being socially responsible and giving back, your employees can then feel valued not only by your company, but by their whole entire community.