Speaking a second language literally opens new worlds for those who learn them. However, if you learn a second language, but never use it, you will forget the skill over time. This is why Spanish is a great language to learn in America.

The Source

In the United States, and particularly in the southwest, you will meet many people of Hispanic origin on a daily basis.

Most people are delighted to help eager beginners learn their native tongue. You will be amazed by how much Spanish you will pick up by just learning one or two word per day.


Learn Spanish by browsing the Internet and finding free sites dedicated to helping people like you acquire the knowledge to help you learn this language; perhaps a degree in Business Administration in Spanish online.

Bilingual Books

Many of the classics you have already read, are available in Spanish bilingual editions. Find one of your favorite books in one of these editions and you will help yourself to read Spanish, as well as speak it.


Learning Spanish by listening to it over and over, is one of the easiest ways for some people to learn.


Whether it is sports or news, watching Spanish Language television is a wonderful way to help pick up the nuances of the language. For example, the word, “no,” is the same in English and Spanish. However, in Spanish, the word is pronounced soft. If you place your tongue against the back of your front teeth and say, “No,” you will hear the difference as opposed to when you say it the English way with your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth.


You may laugh, but hypnotism has, among its many uses, the ability to help people to learn. There is still debate as to whether it is an art or science, but hypnosis is used to help people unlearn certain behaviors. It can also be used to learn new behaviors, or exhilarate the learning process.


Few Spanish language musical styles capture the passion and raw emotion of the Mariachi song. These songs are not only riveting, but they can make your blood boil even if you have no idea what the song is about. Find a song you find particularly catchy, and give it repeated listens, which will be easy to do.

You will find yourself singing along phonetically with your favorite passages. Look up the lyrics in both English and Spanish. This will not only aid you in learning the song, but it will help you learn how poetic the Spanish language actually is.

Learning “Dichos”

This is not a tool, yet is is an important skill you need to hone. It is possible for someone to learn every word there is in Spanish, yet still be lost while listening to the conversation of two native people speaking Spanish. This is because, as with English, there are many expressions that are nonsensical, except to those familiar with them.

For instance, a visitor to America, who fancied that they had an almost fluent understanding of English, would be confused to hear someone respond to their question of “How are you?” with, “Hanging in there,” instead of, “Fine, how are you?” In Spanish, a similar greeting may be answered with, “Aqui, no mas.” This translates literally to, “I’m here, no more.” The loose translation would be, “Just kicking it.” Any attempt to master Spanish, should include a rather thorough understanding of as many “Dichos” as possible.

Online University

There are numerous universities that offer online courses for anything you wish to study in the world of academia. Spanish is one of the courses offered online that you not only can study, but earn a degree in, as well. Even better, learn a different subject in a foreign language for sure mastery.

Specialized Computer Software

The easy-click world of the Internet has lead many people to waste their time. There are still software programs that will lead you, sans frills and wasted time, through the steps you need in order to speak Spanish.
These are the ten best tools available for learning Spanish. Once you begin learning, continue to practice. Living in the US offers you a great opportunity to use the skill every day.