Life is where one needs to just care about happiness. The happiness should not be for short span of time but should be long lasting. The long lasting happiness can be achieved only through success in your career.

The focus and concentration on your career can get you success. IF your passion is your career, then no need of stress at all. The word stress comes into picture, when your interest varies from what you are working on.

Identify your personal best

Everyone may not be the best in everything. Hence the way, you may be best in some way. First find out the thing which you are best in. If you already know your best, you give life to it and don’t allow it to exhaust.

For example lets think your’ best is your innovative thinking and to make creative things. In some situations it can be made their career with adding some business knowledge to you talent. But it may not happen in all circumstances.

Give some space to it

If not and you are working in some field, in which you’re not so best as in your passion. Then you may feel you are not the best in your working field. You can get out of this feeling by just encouraging your interest and give some time to it. This may not sink with your work, but builds your strength and makes you energetic at work.

Learn to accept “Good enough”

The outcome for your work may not be the best as in your passion. But the outcome may be good enough and acceptable whether may not be the best. Just be happy with the good enough results in some works, as you are best in some other things.

As all may not be the best in all things, someone may be the best in this field too. I encourage you to try to be best in your field, but not to be stressed to be the best which may ruin your acceptable outcome too.

Keep an eye on the changing things

You should really have track in the updates and evolution in your field. Updating yourself matters a lot, than worrying about the situation.