One of the first rules in business is to increase efficiency. The more efficiently a business is run the greater the chance of the business being able to reap rewards and benefits off it. For a business, productivity is one of the top priorities. However, every business has to deal with activities that can function well without allocation of its top talent.

Yet, there is a solution to this problem and it’s called outsourcing.

Increasingly, large businesses in the major Australian cities are outsourcing the non-productive office management tasks to specialized companies for a set price. This allows their workers the chance to focus wholly and solely on the productive aspects of the business. Here is a look at five office management duties that you can outsource.

1.     Scheduling Appointments and Answering Phones

One of the least productive jobs is that of a receptionist or a phone assistant that is tasked with simply attending the phone, making appointments and answering the phones coming in from clients. These people have to have little or no loyalty to the company to be success. This job can now be done by virtual assistants who can free up your office space and do all the functions that a receptionist would do only that they do it from a remote location.

2.     Book Keeping

This is one of the hardest and most time-consuming processes in a business, but also crucial for ensuring the business consistently scales and grows. Despite the fact that some people argue that book keeping indirectly helps the business, it offers no productive advantage. The fact that it is important means it cannot be done away with, which makes it an ideal candidate to be outsourced. More and more businesses are opting for professional book keeping companies to deal with their book keeping while their employees focus on work.

3.     Maintaining Plants

Plants in an office can give the office space a nice and refreshing feel to it, especially for Aussies who have lived all their lives in lush green stunning terrains. Despite the fact that plants improve productivity, is it wise to let employees maintain plants? Instead, outsourcing the maintenance of plants will keep the employees happy because they get to enjoy the beauty of plants in the office space without actually having to do anything for their maintenance.

4.     Preparing Payrolls

Payroll Preparation is often a task that most people find hard to do. Which is why businesses have to hire professional staff to do it, but is it really necessary? A business can instead outsource the making of payroll to professional agencies that use automatic payroll generation.

5.     Customer Support

A considerable number of employees are often engaged with providing support to the customer. Despite it being important to business it doesn’t earn profits for the business. One way of relieving the employees of customer support obligations is outsourcing it. There are a number of firms that offer the services of offline customer-service representatives.

These are only some of the many tasks that can be outsourced to make a business more efficient.